Change. The computer industry is constantly changing, and encompasses a wide range of products and services. You want to partner with a consultant who will perform, and make decisions, as if actually a part of your business. You want a consultant with a wide range of experience who can help with many different facets of your technology needs; someone who always thinks "outside the box". You want someone with VISION.

  Reputation. As our existing clients will tell you, anyone can "talk the talk" and make great-sounding promises. Make sure you partner with a consultant with a proven track record. Talk to their client references. Ask specific questions about their capabilities and leadership. What specifically did they do that was so great? How do they function under pressure, deadlines, and multiple priorities? Specifically:
  Did they continually repair the server crash, or did they actually find and resolve the problem?

  Have they improved functionality and reliability?

  Have they been reliable and dependable for years?

  Can they quickly understand critical facets of your business and existing IT systems?

  Can they help you create and understand an IT strategy?
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